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Important information

Growing conditions

Unless otherwise stated all plants are grown in a tent with an average humidity of around 85% and temperature of 70-80F. Please understand that these plants need specific conditions to thrive and will not survive in cold, low humidity environments. Please feel free to reach out if you have any growing questions.


I only ship to continental USA if you would like an international order please reach out to me on instagram @buz_plants

Plants will typically be shipped Monday-Wednesday. If an order is made Tuesday or later, it will most likely be shipped the following week.

I guarantee live delivery of all plants with a photo provided. I only use UPS with 2 day being the default shipping method.

Most plants will be shipped in moss if you would like them to be shipped in a different mediium plese reach out to me directly @buz_plants or


If shipping to an area where the temp is below 50 please add insulation and a heat pack.  

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