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Plant tags explained


How to read a Buz plants tag. The capital X delineates between the two parent plants in a complex hybrid.

e.g. Anthurium carlablackiae x portillae X papillilaminum x carlablackiae

So, what is in a name?

This article will clarify how Buz Plants names hybrids and how to read the plant tags. We name crosses based on the parent plants. If there are specific plants from a cross that have special traits (eg. dark leaves, wide sinus, etc.), we number them Buz 1, 2, 3, and so on. Many plant owners give their plants cool names but we have numbered ours for the most part.  We do not believe in naming an entire cross as there is too much variability between the plants and it can create confusion down the line.

The basics:

Start with the genus and always have it capitalized.

Example: Anthurium

Then add the species without it capitalized.

Example: Anthurium carlablackiae

Now, with a cross, you start with the Mother Plant (the one that is bearing the seeds) and follow with the Father Plant (the pollen donor).

Example: Anthurium carlablackiae x dressleri

Complex Hybrids:

We use a capital X to distinguish between the seed and pollen parent. The formula equals the following: (New complex hybrid = Genus Hybrid 1♀ X Hybrid 2♂)*

Example: Anthurium carlablackiae x dressleri X papillilaminum x carlablackiae

Genus = Anthurium

Hybrid 1 (Mother/seed) = species♀ x species♂= carlablackiae♀ x dressleri♂

Hybrid 2 (Father/pollen) - species♀ x species♂ = papillilaminum♀ x carlablackiae♂

Please shoot us a message or join in on the discussion if you have any thoughts or questions about this article.

*This last part is just how we do it. It is not based on any scientific method as I struggled to find any publications.

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